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June 26 2012

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Professional Development and Its Positives in Career Advancement

Change is inevitable. Everything in life adheres to this statement. No profession will require rigid professionals who do not want to embrace change in order to advance their productivity. It is of personal essence to career undertakers and any employed person to take part in studies or courses that will enhance and majorly update their skills within their work area knowledge. Generally, professional development can be classified into two. These can be skill-based and general professional development.

The latter generates skills usually through personal education. The former however means that, already one has the basic skills but for their advancement, he has to keep them updated every now and again. This is usually achieved by a professional when he or she attends workshops, seminars or undertakes research pertaining to his are of professionalism. Usually, to prove this, he or she is awarded certification recognizing his participation. As the world advances, it is imperative professional in all fields participate in career development projects for it’s only in them one is guaranteed career advancement techniques. 
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